A Global Awakening
is Underway

The world is changing.


Every market sector is undergoing digital transformation.

Business models and decision-making processes are being overhauled.

Customers are taking back control and demanding transparency.

About Authen®

Leading the Global Food Industry Revolution

Authen® incentivizes industry to adopt a new sustainability-focused way of doing business across the entire global food supply chain.

People want to make conscious, deliberate choices about the food they’re eating and feeding their families, and they want an understanding of the social and environmental impact of those choices.

The Authen® software platform brings digital transformation to the global food supply industry by enabling supply chain participants and consumers to ensure the authenticity, traceability, and carbon quantification of food and ingredients.

With transparency, consumers and suppliers can leverage communal purchasing power to effect real change to the climate and social impact economy.

Why Choose Authen®?

The Power to Transform

An open data platform that places the power of food authenticity and environmental sustainability into the hands of the global community.

Empower Consumers with Unprecedented Transparency

Our open data platform gives consumers the power to influence food brands, producers, and growers to deliver more sustainable and nutritious food.

Compare the Climate Impact of Consumer Products & Brands

Authen® provides aggregated, quantifiable, authenticated data from soil to stomach – so the consumer can make the climate-friendly purchasing decisions critical to reducing the food industry's collective climate impact.

Monetize Climate Impact Data to Drive Sustainability

Authen® incentives industry, business, transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture to adopt a new sustainability-focused way of doing business across the entire global food supply chain.

Improve Decision Making at All Levels of the Food Supply Chain

Authen® data provides decision makers and consumers throughout the global food supply chain with the information they need to make informed decisions about the foods they grow, source, produce, and eat.