Digital Transformation
for the Global Food Supply Chain

Authen™ enables consumers and supply chain participants to ensure the authenticity, traceability, and sustainability of food and product ingredients.

The Dawn of Authenticity

Authen™ provides a total view of data – tracking the entire supply chain journey of a consumer food product or individual ingredient.

Gain Full Transparency on Ingredient Origin, Quality, and Climate Impact


Track and trace the accurate origin, genetic identity, and purity of ingredients.


Analyze the carbon footprint & intensity and planet impact of ingredients.

Immutable Blockchain

Verify ingredient data on a democratized, hyper-secure, and trusted authentication platform.

Total Supply Chain Data

Unlock The Hidden Value in Your Supply Chain

Sustainability doesn't have to cost more money – Authen™ incentivizes all supply chain participants towards sustainability by providing the data and insights needed to make profitable business decisions.

Achieve Cost

Understand cost centers, enhance your margins, and achieve sustainability without charging your customer more.

Optimize Your
Supply & Value Chains

Audit a clear chain of custody from farmgate to shelf so you can identify and address inefficiencies.

Trace Food Safety
& Security Issues

Trace and pinpoint the exact source of issues or contamination to reduce unnecessary food waste and prevent financial loss.

Improve Market Product

Increase product valuation with marketable features that increase consumer demand and profitability.

Why Authen™?

A Massive Shift in Consumer Behavior is Underway

75% of consumers want to buy sustainability.

Authen™ gives consumers the power to make informed purchasing decisions - reliably and effortlessly.

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The Authen™ Platform

Authen™'s advanced digital tools reveal the ultimate climate and social impact of the supply chain.

Genetic Fingerprinting & Grower Traceability

DNA fingerprint technology provides the ability to identify and track a seed from farmgate to processing, and trace where crops have been grown and transported, with guaranteed validity of seed genealogy and purity.

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Quality Assurance & Monitoring

Quality parameters are captured and monitored to detect potential changes in quality and determine ongoing status of the seed or ingredient. AI and machine learning are used to analyse the collected data and determine the likelihood of future issues arising.

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Blockchain Track & Trace

Genetic, grower, and QA data is stored on a blockchain software platform to ensure data security and enable the use of smart contracts.

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Carbon Calculation

With the collection and storage of the Genetic, grower, and QA data on the blockchain, Authen™ can determine carbon intensity values and compare which growers and processors have adopted practices that minimize climate impact.

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Sustainability Scorecards

By tracing the origin and lifecycle of ingredients from seeds to crops to transportation, and identifying carbon intensity values and climate impact, we create a simple color-coded graphic that serves as a product’s sustainability scorecard. The scorecard allows for authenticated food purchases.

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The Authen™ Consumer App

The Authen™ consumer app enables purchasers to effortlessly see and compare products’ health and climate impact information, empowering them to make sustainable purchasing decisions.

Who is Authen™ for?


Gain transparency into the products you buy to make sustainable & healhy purchasing decisions.

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Brands & Products

Validate the quality and purity of your products to increase consumer trust and drive additional market value.

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Track and manage the authenticity of the ingredients you buy and sell all in one place.

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Track the climate impact of your farm, prove ingredient quality, and increase the demand for your yield.

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